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About Us

Principal's Desk


Dear Students and Parents

         KLE Prerana founded in 2011 is one of the best PU College run under the aegis of Karnataka Lingayat Education Society, Belagavi. We are proud to be the Principal and staff of this institution which is recognized throughout the academic arena for its progressive approach to education and path breaking enlightening practices and commitment to excellence. On behalf of the institution, we greet you and congratulate you for your preference to our college. We assure you that the education imparted and the knowledge surpassed from here will initiate and produce pro creative students. At the outset, we appreciate your faithful admiration and confidence towards our college.

         Our stride towards excellence has help us to experience the meaningful life in the campus as we are all shaped and guided by the highly valued Karnataka Lingayat Education Society, Belagavi and by the exemplary foresight and the gracious presence of our Honourable Chairman Dr. Prabhakar Kore, M.P. 

          The efficiency of our college rests in projecting syllabus oriented teaching, dynamic and pragmatic training for competitive exams like CET, NEET and JEE as a noteworthy coaching in the same premises. This outstretched horizon is to meet the aspirations of its development by conducting weekly tests, and stimulating mentorship for students. We focus particularly in the academic activities with the view of reaching our progress. We focus upon regular attendance, a study atmosphere that reflects our competitive spirit, innovative assignments, and ceaseless enthusiasm for students. Parents will be duly informed of their ward’s a absence or in the case of emergency, through timely messages. Regular attendance is adhered as it is instrumental to discipline and modesty which are precious footprints of our college.

           Parent’s deepest conviction, considerable opinion and keen support, is the key to success of our institution. In order to introspect the regular progress of the students, we also systematically conduct the parents-teachers meeting. For the better understanding and pervasive streak among the students this almanac proves to be advantageous. With each passing year Prerana sets itself apart with unmatched enthusiasm, solid conviction and unparallel confidence this vision is reflected in our recorded curricular results highlights.  Our college is aiming at par excellence by encouraging the students to score high in academics as well as to reach the zenith of the competitive pinnacle.

            The two years of the Pre University Courses are perhaps the most eventful years in the life of the students. During these years a student transforms from a playful child to a responsible citizen. Prerana College helps the students to accept challenges and to confront victory and setback with equipoise. Prerana College strives to ignite a passion for learning in the minds of all the students.

            Our amiable supervision and your cooperation dear parents will propel us to explore and acquaint our self with our ward’s perfect capacity and talent and to make them achieve their goals. It is our turn to unite together to make their dreams come true. Our mission and vision go hand in hand. So let’s prudently generate the sensibility of the child to sparkle the world with insight and efficiency.

           The KLE group attempts to inculcate a sense of human values and discipline in students and encourages the learners to learn to realize their potential and to imbibe the best practices.  We hope for your manifold support to extend the wings of this institution.

Thank you 

 With regards

    Shri Mallikarjuna Rao Dadi



The Team

The Members on Faculty are chosen from different states, purely based on their competence, wide exposure and rich experience. Many of them have already worked at JEE, IIT and AIPMT Level and are equipped with the skills to impart National Core curriculum effectively. They are Masters in the truest sense of the term, in their subjects to hon. the latent talents and to draw the best out of every pupil. Prerana is blessed to have completely committed team of Lecturers, who know fine tuning and moulding the students. They, as Mentors, are, highly effective and successful.

The kind of care and personnel attention, which they bestow upon every individual child is unparalleled.